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The Charles Marshall Foundation is a family run 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2010, which directly supports Nevada public schools, hospitals, and non-profit organizations by providing sustainable provisions where educational and health related resources have been depleted or eliminated. We provide partnership to raise the quality of life in our community.

We know education is the cornerstone in building a strong community and bright futures. We also realize health is of central importance to economic development, which relies on the health and well-being of our residents. For these reasons, it is critical for The Charles Marshall Foundation to partner with government and nonprofit organizations to support growth where provisions have been depleted or cut, and to assist the community in raising the quality of life.

We are driven by the passion of providing a better future for our community, our goal to empower health and education organizations in need distinguishes us as a community partner, dedicated to building a strong foundation through our initiatives. 

If you are interested in donating by phone, volunteering options, learning more about our organization, and/or sponsorship opportunities please call 702.835.9325 or contact Rena Loughton at 702.882.7083


 Together let us make Nevada a better place to live!



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    The Charles Marshall Foundation is seeking partners within the community to join our efforts in supporting Nevada health and education. Our goal is to give our children every opportunity to become educated and healthy individuals, so they may thrive and prosper in our community as adults. We believe every person has the right to live a healthy and productive life. The Charles Marshall Foundation cannot do this alone, which is why we are asking for your hand, so we may embark on this journey together. 

    Together we can make Nevada a better place to live!




     If you are interested in supporting our cause please contact Rena Loughton at (702) 835-9325.

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    Charles Marshall Foundation Provides for Learning Opportunity for Will Beckley Elementary School Art Classes

    The Charles Marshall Foundation continues their community partnership with the Will Beckley Elementary School by providing cameras for 4th and 5th grade art students. This partnership is serving Will Beckley Elementary School teacher Brian Larsh’s art students for the school, which serves 900 at-risk students from pre-kindergarten through 5th grade.

     “When supplies are needed, we invite organizations to submit their need on our Wish List,” said Rena Loughton of The Charles Marshall Foundation. The Foundation is dedicated to assisting publicly funded schools and hospitals with the supplies they need to continue their work.

    The Charles Marshall Foundation offered their assistance in supplying the school with cameras and accessories for a volunteer photography class taught by Dr. Becky Watson of Education Integrated Marketing (EdIM). Watson, who has taught the class to school children in the Yucantan, Mexico, is now bringing the class to Clark County School District art students as a volunteer.
    In this case, we were able to help provide instructional equipment for bringing the work of a volunteer together with the school. After developing the class with the Will Beckley Elementary School’s Principal, Jeanne Plese and Art Teacher, Brian Larsh, Loughton and Watson met with one of Larsh’s art classes last month and spoke to the students about learning photography.

    The on-going partnership between the school and The Foundation began earlier this year. “With The Foundation’s support, we’re able to provide this additional opportunity for our students and teachers. Support from our community partnerships like this are priceless,” said Plese.”

    The Charles Marshall Foundation started in 2010 with the goal of improving the health and education in Clark County. The Foundation is taking this opportunity to provide learning materials needed in enhancing the classroom instruction of the Will Beckley Elementary School









Charles Marshall and his wife, Mary, were the inspiration for The Charles Marshall Foundation. They were ordinary people who decided not to settle for the hand they were dealt. Instead, they chose to improve their own lives, and actively sought to enrich the lives of others. Charles was born in 1916 in Oklahoma. He grew up on a dairy farm on the outskirts of Oklahoma City with his parents and three brothers. Read More